Wheeler Dealers Series 15

Wheeler Dealers: S15 E8 – Lancia Fulvia

Budget: $10,000
Purchase Price: $9,500
Final Cost: $14,105
Selling Price: $33,000
Profit/Loss: +$18,895

Mike finds a rare, rally-bred 1972 Lancia Fulvia. He and Ant must fix its bad CV joints, a broken heater, cracked dash and a debris-clogged fuel system.

Work Completed: Driveshaft assembly rebuilt, gearbox oil seal and CV joints replaced to address oil leak around the gearbox, heater control valve replaced, plastic dashboard bezel replaced with custom wooden bezel, fuel tank repainted, fuel filter replaced, fuel line flushed, bumpers removed, period-correct Carello foglamps fitted, stock indicators retrofitted, parts of the front wings and scuttle resprayed to matte black, dash pad and trims replaced, steering wheel replaced, wheels refinished in satin gold.

Notes: Mike originally wanted to buy a Rover P6 3500, but backed off due to the car’s derelict condition. The Lancia was directly imported from Italy, equipped with 1.3L engine and four-wheel disc brakes. Sold to a broker.

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chris March 25, 2023 at 11:59 pm

got loads to say on this subject one day – i Had a 1965 C reg S1, with Ally body panals, 1216 cc Lancia four speed box, not a Fiat 124 5 speed. more later…….

Ports January 9, 2019 at 9:36 pm

I’m not sure Ant used matte black on the bonnet and wings. It looked more like semi-gloss and Mike was certainly reflected in it in the final scenes: a no-no for rallying.

Loz June 12, 2018 at 6:21 am

This was a classic Wheeler Dealers episode. Definitely one of the best restorations they’ve done on the show (regardless of who the mechanic was).


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