Wheeler Dealers Series 15

Wheeler Dealers: S15 E6 – Porsche 924

Budget: $5,000
Purchase Price: $3,700
Final Cost: $8,380
Selling Price: $TBC
Profit/Loss: +$TBC

Mike takes on a Porsche 924, the first car he ever turned around on the series. Will fixing oil leaks and worn interior be enough earn a profit?

Work Completed: Engine main seals replaced to address oil leak, engine parts cleaned and painted, cam belt and tensioner replaced, sump gaskets replaced, clutch replaced, engine oil changed with multigrade oil, warm-up regulator modified and refurbished to address rough idling, transaxle linkage geometry and gear lever extended to improve gear change, interior refurbished, damaged front valance fixed, exterior polished.

Notes: US spec car with 95 hp engine and four-speed transmission. Mike recalled his memories about restoring a Porsche 924 during the series’ very first episode. Being a 1977 model, the car is older than the one in the very first episode.

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