Wheeler Dealers Series 13

Wheeler Dealers: S13 E6 – Chevrolet Corvair

Budget: $1,500
Purchase Price: $2,000
Final Cost: $11,345
Selling Price: $18,200
Profit/Loss: +$6,655

Work Completed: Pushrod tube seals and gasket replaced to fix oil leaks, engine cleaned and powder coated, interior overhauled, convertible soft top replaced, brightwork replaced, new wheels and tires installed, full respray from white to Seafoam Green, suspension bushes and ball joints replaced, springs and shocks replaced, compensator bar installed, new exhaust installed, added remote controlled door opening mechanism which includes alarm, GPS tracker and a smartphone application to compensate for the shaved door.

Notes: High performance Monza Spyder variant with a 2.7 litre engine. Purchased at an impound lot with a suspected accident history. Purchase price includes free towing to the garage. Sold at asking price. In episode 9, it was revealed that the final test drive scene had to be re-shot due to a faulty steering column.

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