Wheeler Dealers Series 13

Wheeler Dealers: S13 E15 – Maserati Biturbo

Purchase Price: $2,740
Final Cost: $22,481
Selling Price: $22,500
Profit/Loss: +$19

Work Completed: Electric propulsion system renewed with more modern system consisting of 12 new battery packs, new AC brushless induction motors, new motor controllers, new radiators, new wiring and regenerative braking system, increasing power, torque, and range, clutch assembly replaced, leather seats refreshed by oiling and conditioning, missing glove box installed, original graphite grey wheels and new tyres installed, dents repaired and resprayed.

Notes: First electric car in the series. Purchased in Brisbane, California. Previous owner, who converted the car into an electric car in 1993 and had it garaged for the past 15 years, offered it for free, but Mike gave her a Boston to Montreal cruise package in return. Restored car taken to a solar farm for its test drive, where it did 0-60 in 8.1 seconds. Sold at asking price. Smallest profit made on a car in the series.

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