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Richard Hammond’s £750 Cheap Car Challenge Porsche is up for auction

As far as Cheap Car Challenges go, the “How much Porsche can you get for £1500?” challenge from Series 5 Episode 6 is one of the all time greats – and now fans of the classic Clarkson, Hammond and May iteration of Top Gear have a chance to get their hands on one of the cars in which it featured.

That’s right – Richard Hammond’s 1980 Porsche 924 is up for auction! Originally purchased by Hammond for just £750, auction house Coys describes the sale as a “very rare chance to buy a piece of British television motoring history,” without an MOT and with no reserve.

Hammond bought the 924 and was most excited about the fact that the headlights pop up, while the black bonnet, flames, and numbers were added later – giving the car “sporting credentials it didn’t deserve,” according to James May. At the end of the show, Hammond was forced to admit he couldn’t sell the car. After it’s appearance on Top Gear the car was sold privately and has competed in a number of Sprint events in the South East of England.

The auction will take place on January 14th – and the real question is just how much the car will end up selling for. It is, after all, a very iconic piece of Top Gear memorabilia.

How much would you pay, Hammond fans?

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Thomas January 11, 2017 at 6:52 am

Anyone who went to the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, where there are many of the old Top Gear projects on display, knows that EVERY ONE of them is worth GBP 2.3 millions – so… too much for me. But I would pay about GBP 2,000 just for this as a conversation piece.


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