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Top Gear film at Folkestone Rugby Club without permission

New Top Gear presenters Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc and Sabine Schmitz have stunned members of Folkestone Rugby Club by unexpectedly turning up to film on their premises. The presenters arrived were said to have arrived in high-performance vehicles and reportedly started shooting “without permission”.

Staff member Pat Morgan said “They just suddenly appeared and filmed with a motorbike, which Matt LeBlanc was on, and an old red Jag and an Audi. I could see Chris Evans very clearly but LeBlanc was wearing his motorcycle helmet. They did not have permission to film here and it would have been nice if they had asked. So one of our executives went to speak to the crew.

“As they talked the producer finally apologised saying the crew had been given a piece of paper asking them to film here,” Morgan said. “They didn’t do any stunts, their vehicles were parked in the main car park.”

The fact that the Top Gear crew were sent out to film on location without first seeking permission might suggest that there is some disorganisation or dysfunction within the new team, and as a result it makes the already shaky show look even more unprofessional.

Ms Morgan believed the footage shot was mainly of the presenters talking to members of the club, with the vehicles as a background.

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