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The RC Toybota returns – will it sink?

Some of you might recall a story we reported on last year about a man who built a scaled down remote-controlled version of Jeremy Clarkson’s Toybota from Top Gear. In true Top Gear form, Aaron Bidochka from RCSparks Studio put his RC Toybota up against the ultimate challenge – crossing the English Channel. Well, at least a scaled down version of it, otherwise known as a giant water hole located near his home in Canada.

On the first attempt, the 1:10 scale Toybota started taking on water in the rear tray, and even suffered from electrical issues which resulted in the outboard motor losing power. “It was uncanny how many things actually turned out to be like the first Toybota episode,” Bidocka said after he was forced to abort the challenge and drive (sail?) the truck back to shore relying on propulsion from the spinning tyres alone.

Following his failed attempt, Bidochka hauled his model Toybota back to the shed and made a few key changes, including a few electrical fixes, adjustment of the outboard motor angle, and the inclusion of a new ‘water cannon’ to forcibly remove any water which managed to make its way into the rear tray. These key changes ensured the RC Toybota was able to successfully cross the “channel” on the second attempt!

Well, now Bidochka and his RC Toybota are back in 2018, to see whether it is still able to perform just as it did all those months ago. Weighing in at a whopping 13.5lbs (6.1kg), the Toybota is powered by an RC speed boat outboard motor and an 11.1v lithium battery. This combination mimics the engine which Jeremy Clarkson used on his “Toybota” / “Nissank” amphibious vehicles all those years ago.

So how did it perform, and will it actually sink? Check out the latest video above and leave a comment below!

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