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For the past few years we’ve collated a yearly “Top Gear Top 10 Episodes” list to help you determine what are the absolute best Top Gear episodes! But how do we decide which episodes make the cut? Well, its rather simple really.

Every TopGearbox episode guide has its own star rating (out of 10) based on votes submitted by our readers – people just like you! So it is actually rather easy to get involved – simply rate your favourite (and more importantly your least favourite!) Top Gear episodes and you’ll be helping us to shape our new Top Gear Top 100 Episodes list for 2014! That’s right, we’re doing 100 this year!But hurry! You’ve only got until the end of August to place your votes and be a part of it all. We’ll then query our vote database and build our mega Top 100 list.

Want to see what we’re talking about? See our 2012 Top 10 list and also our 2013 Top 10 list.

So get involved – VOTE for your favourite episodes and SHARE this page with all your Top Gear loving friends to get everyone involved. Together, I think we can create something truly amazing.



  1. FarmerNIC

    definitely series 13 ep 7

  2. 21×05

  3. Im picking either series 20 episode 3 or series 16 episode 1

  4. Mohammad


  5. season 12 episode 6 ford fiesta test classic

  6. All season of 21

  7. best:season 20 episode 6
    worst:season 14 episode 7

  8. series 20 episode 4 for the mercedes sls
    series 19 episode 1 for the pagani huayra
    series 18 episode 1
    series 17 episode 6
    my last 2 are for my favorite car the lamborghini aventador

  9. Make sure you guys place your votes properly on each episode, as comments don’t count!

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