Top Gear Series 26

Top Gear: Series 26, Episode 4

  • The boys buy interesting used cars for Dacia Sandero money and face a series of challenges
  • Star in a Reasonably Fast Car: Matt Baker

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The cheapest new car you can buy in the UK is the Dacia Sandero. It costs a very reasonable six thousand pounds, and is indubitably a very reasonable car. But, reckoned our presenters, for that sort of money, you can have something with so much more character. So, each armed with a Sandero-sized amount of money, Matt, Chris and Rory each set out to buy a car of genuinely aristocratic bearing. Something from the likes of Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Mercedes-Benz.

Purchases secured – purchases that, in some instances, even moved under their own steam for a distance of several metres – our presenters were told to report to the Top Gear test track for a series of challenges. Against the Sandero. Driven by The Stig. Who, it’s fair to say, isn’t a great fan of budget Romanian hatchbacks. And, as if that wasn’t enough to kill their ‘classics’ once and for all, there was then the small matter of a six-hour endurance race at Silverstone.

Episode 4’s Star in a Reasonably Fast Car is Matt Baker.

Star in a Reasonably Fast Car

Matt Baker


Coming soon.

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Loz June 28, 2019 at 4:23 am

This was possibly the best episode in this season. To be fair, this season wasn’t bad although it is the last with Matt and Rory hosting – Chris will return this summer in another reboot of the show.
In reflecting on the 3 seasons with Matt LeBlanc as the primary host, they’ve been better than perhaps people realize. Sure, its easy to unfavorably compare it to the best years of the Clarkson, Hammond, May series, but that would be unfair. I’d argue that LeBlanc has been competent and some of the episodes have been pretty darn good. I think what hurt LeBlanc is the bad taste left in viewer’s mouths by the season that Chris Evans hosted and LeBlanc was a co-presenter. As for Rory, well, I grew to like him. At first he seemed a little out of his depth and seemed to be trying too hard, however this past season he seemed to find his feet and became more comfortable as a co-presenter. In some ways it seems sad that Rory is leaving the show just as he seemed to have achieved this.
The return of Chris later this year is good news. He definitely manages to bring both humour and insight to the show, and is the only Top Gear host to really have auto racing bone fides.


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