Top Gear Series 26

Top Gear: Series 26, Episode 3

  • Chris Harris power tests the Porsche 911 GT2 RS at the Top Gear Test Track
  • Rory Reid checks out the new Renault Megane RS
  • Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris head to Spain to look at the Bentley Continental GT
  • Star in a Reasonably Fast Car: Gregory Porter

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The Porsche 911 GT2 RS

A few years back, Porsche made a car called the 911 GT2 RS. It was very fast, very powerful, very scary and immediately christened ‘The Widowmaker’. Now, Porsche is back with a new 911 GT2 RS, which is faster and much more powerful than the old Widowmaker.

So just how damn scary is it? Chris Harris pops some brave pills and takes to the Top Gear track to find out, with the help of some truly biblical weather conditions, and the patented Top Gear Fearometer 3000: a new-fangled gadget that quantifies panic by measuring the emissions of the driver.

Fast Renault hatches

Renault’s back catalogue contains some of the finest, maddest hot hatches of all. Daft, bewinged creations with all the subtlety of a rhinoceros in a particularly loud Hawaiian shirt.

Now there’s a new flagship Renault hot hatch out – the Megane RS – but Rory’s worried it’s all gone a bit… sensible. So he set out to see if the new car has that old Renault craziness beneath the surface… with the aid of some leftover scraps of cardboard, and a roll of duct tape.

The Bentley Continental GT

Reviewing a new car has, traditionally, been a solitary task. One presenter, sat behind the wheel, telling you what he or she thinks of said car. But the Top Gear producers, in their infinite wisdom, thought it might be funny to find out what happens when you tell two presenters to review the same, single car. At the same time…

So Matt and Chris were told both to head to Spain and review the 200-mile-an-hour Bentley Continental GT. Two presenters, one car. And, apart from the occasional actual physical fight, it all went surprisingly well.

At least until Chris decided to spice things up by inviting along a Le Mans-winning racecar for good measure.

Star in a Reasonably Fast Car

Gregory Porter


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