Cool Wall: Porsche 918 Spyder


The Porsche 918 Spyder.  A mid-engined plug-in hybrid sports car powered by a 4.6 liter V8 engine, developing 608bhp with two electric motors delivering an additional 279bhp. There’s no doubt it is seriously fast, but is it cool?

Tell us if you think this car is Sub Zero, Cool, Un cool or Seriously Un cool – along with your reasons why. After a week we’ll select the best comment and crown that person as the winner, then post the car up on our Cool Wall in the relevant position. Good luck!

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Series 22 and the future of Top Gear


You may have had a mild heart attack when you read our ‘Top-Gear’s-getting-cancelled-april-fools’ post earlier this month, but to be honest it was your fault for being on the internet during April Fools day anyway. Happily, we can report that Top Gear has not been cancelled and we can indeed expect there to be at Series 22 on the way soon. But when might we expect it?

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Top Gear UK Cancelled after 21 Series and 170 Episodes


**April fools!**

It is with regret that we bring you this breaking news. After months of rumors that Top Gear UK was facing the axe, today Jeremy Clarkson confirmed that the show has now been cancelled after a huge 11 year and 21 Series run.

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Jeremy Clarkson. The most outrageous man….. in the world.


If you believe everything you read in the papers, you’d think that Jeremy Clarkson must be a living embodiment of evil. A man who deliberately runs down cyclists in his car and spends his spare time clubbing baby seals to death. They’ll have you thinking he’s the most outrageous man……. in the world. We thought we’d put a list together of some of his most outrageous antics…

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New stickers added to our range!


Good News! Our range of TopGearbox original sticker designs have been incredibly popular since they were introduced back in 2012 – and we’re happy to announce there are now even more to choose from! From our iconic Jeremy Clarkson “POWER!” sticker, to our cheeky “What Would Jeremy Clarkson Do?” parody stickers or the classic “I am the Stig” stickers, we’re sure there’s a sticker that’ll be perfect for your vehicle. Head on over to our online store and take a look! We’ll send them anywhere in the world for just US$3.

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Piers Morgan VS Jeremy Clarkson


Just when you thought the hatred between Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan couldn’t get any worse, Piers has now gone and challenged his archenemy to a charity boxing match!

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