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Top Gear Series 22 returns December 27th!

Posted on Dec 2, 2014 | 8 comments


Well it has finally been confirmed! Top Gear Series 22 will kick off with Part 1 of the Patagonia Special airing on Saturday 27 December! You also won’t need to wait very long for Part 2 – it will air the very next day (Sunday 28 December). Both on BBC Two and BBC Two HD.

After both Patagonia Special episodes go to air we’ll most likely need to wait a few weeks before the remaining episodes of Series 22 are shown, but this is a small price to pay for having Top Gear back on our screens for Christmas!

Do you think the Patagonia Special will be the most epic Top Gear episode ever?

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Top Gear “Patagonia Special” to air at Christmas

Posted on Nov 25, 2014 | 9 comments

top-gear-patagonia-e1417875918706-620x382 has confirmed (well roughly) that Top Gear will return at Christmas – kicking off with their “Patagonia Special”. That’s right – the episode that most of us have been dying to see will be first up!

What can we expect? Well, there will be swamps, deserts, forests, beaches, and ski slopes for Jeremy, Richard and James to suffer through in their V8 sports cars – a Porsche 928, Lotus Esprit and Ford Mustang. A 1600-mile trek through Patagonia to the southernmost city in the world, in order to stage an epic game of car football against Argentina.

Although as we found out, it didn’t exactly go to plan. There were broken bones, mechanical calamities – not to mention a climax that none of them had planned for.

Top Gear will no doubt confirm the exact air date within the next few days so stay tuned.

Edit: The air date has now been confirmed!

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Buy our stickers. Get free postage!

Posted on Nov 25, 2014 | 0 comments


Are you interested in some awesome Top Gear styled decals for your car? Or perhaps a unique Christmas gift for that Top Gear crazy friend of yours? Look no further!

Our range of unique and original stickers are just what you need. Designed by us and lovingly die-cut from high-quality vinyl, we’re absolutely certain that you’ll love how they look on your vehicle and the reactions you’ll receive from other road users! I sell these on eBay too, but you’ll get them cheaper if you buy here from me directly – it means I can avoid eBay fees and then pass the savings on to you. Win-win!

Now there’s even more win – simply order $10 worth of stickers (or more) and we’ll ship them to you for FREE! That’s free shipping anywhere in the world! What have you got to lose?

Visit the TopGearbox Store for more information or to view our range. All profits go back into making TopGearbox even more awesome than it already is – we appreciate your support!

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Top Gear Series 22 Sightings & Spoilers

Posted on Nov 24, 2014 | 129 comments


The Top Gear team have been spotted out and about in various locations around the world as they film segments for Series 22. At this stage we should see the first episode go to air in early 2015 – and until I get a confirmed date, I’m taking a stab in the dark and suggesting that it could be January 25th! I’ll update you all as soon as the date is confirmed.

EDIT: Top Gear will return December 27th!

Below is a list of what I’ve found out about Series 22 so far, and I’ll update this post with new sightings as they come to hand.

Last sighting: 24th November 2014.

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Jeremy says Top Gear Series 22 will start in December

Posted on Nov 16, 2014 | 1 comment

A candid reply from Jeremy Clarkson on Twitter has stated that Top Gear Series 22 will return to our screens in December with 13 episodes!



We’re still going to wait for official confirmation from the BBC before updating our countdown timers though. Jeremy made a similar tweet regarding the start date of Series 21 and ended up being out by more than two months.

There’s also a chance that the “13 episodes” may in fact be for the entire year – perhaps with 7 episodes airing for Series 22 and the remaining 6 airing later in 2015, for what would be Series 23. We’ll all have to wait and find out.

In the mean time if you’re looking for spoilers, check out the Series 22 Sightings & Spoilers post.

Edit: The air date has now been confirmed!

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