2014 TopGearbox Top 100 Top Gear Episodes List (Pt 4)


This is Part 4 of our incredible TopGearbox Top 100 Top Gear Episodes list! With 76th to 100th placed episodes. Stay tuned as we release a new part of the list each day, working our way up to the top!

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Top 100 episode results are in!

Just a quick note to let you all know that voting for the TopGearbox Top 100 episodes has now closed… and the results are in!

Starting from today, we’ll be releasing part of the finished list – starting with 100th to 76th placed episodes today 9am GMT. We’ll then release 75th to 51st, 50th to 26th and then finally 25th to 1st placed episodes on Thursday! Since the final list is a direct result of you – the Top Gear fans – votes, we hope this will serve as the definitive list of what exactly are the very best Top Gear UK episodes……… in the world.

Stay tuned for the first part of the list (100th to 76th placed episodes) which will be released today at 9am GMT.

Thanks again for everyone who got involved – the feedback was amazing and I hope you all enjoy the list!

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……and we’re back!

clarksonhammer_7186And about time too. I’d like to apologise for TopGearbox being MIA for the past 30 hours or so – it was extremely frustrating for me so I can only imagine how some of you felt about it. To cut a long story short, the site had outgrown the current web hosting provider and I was forced to move it across to a new host. On the downside, the move was far from seamless – 30 hours felt like an eternity. However, on the upside, the new hosting solution is significantly better and should result in faster page loading for our readers, whilst also giving the site significantly more room to grow into the future.

Thanks again for your patience and I’m looking forward to bringing you all the latest Top Gear UK news into the future.


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New ‘Top Gear Track Experience’ opens today


Do you live in or near the UK? Love Top Gear? Have £99 burning a hole in your pocket? Good. Read on.

The gates of the Top Gear Test Track open today to welcome members of the public for the first time. Top Gear fans can choose from three packages – including a “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car Experience” for £260, a “Hot Hatch Experience” for £175 or an “Ariel Atom Experience” for £220. All packaged have the option of adding an “Off Road Experience for half price.

We imagine the “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car Experience” will be by far the most popular, giving people the chance to follow in the tyre tracks of celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Benedict Cumberbatch in the mighty Kia Cee’d – and in the process giving them a chance to see where their final lap time would place them on the Cee’d Lapboard.

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Jeremy Clarkson’s Surprise Ice Bucket Challenge!

Piers Morgan recently took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (to promote awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and then challenged Jeremy Clarkson to do the same! Jeremy however, was not a willing participant. Watch the video to see what happened… *language warning!*

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Top Gear fans.. your new browser home page is ready…


Are you a Top Gear fan looking for a new home page for your PC or mobile device? Well we’ve got you covered!

Simply set http://www.topgearbox.com/homepage/ as your browser’s home page and you’ll be greeted with a “Stiggle” Google search bar and a Stig quote,  randomly selected from our extensive database. Each Stig quote links back to the relevant Top Gear episode and the main menu across the top has a bunch of links giving you quick access to Top Gear information from our website.

The page was created just as bit of fun, however if you like it and have suggestions on items you’d like added to it, let us know!

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