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Need help deciding which Top Gear DVD you should put in your player, or which episode you should watch next on Netflix? Why not use our new Random Episode link? The button can also be found at the top of the sidebar on every page of our website and is guaranteed to throw obscure episodes at you which you may have never seen before – or not seen for a while anyway!

It’s also a great URL to save in your browser’s favorites bar for quick access to random Top Gear goodness: http://www.topgearbox.com/?random=1

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Top Gear continues filming for Series 22


Just another reminder that we’ve got all the latest information on what the Top Gear UK team have been up to and where they’ve been spotted, as they film new segments for Series 22 in various places around Europe. If you’d like to keep up to speed, click through to our **Spoiler Alert** Series 22 Sightings & Spoilers post and bookmark it in your browser! It’ll continue to be updated as new information comes to hand.

Series 22 can’t come quickly enough! What are you hoping to see in it?

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Some say its the longest Stig introduction…… in the world.

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New stickers: ‘Jeremy Clarkson SPEED’ and ‘Stig Snoo’!


reddit-stig11The TopGearbox range of stickers now has two new inclusions! I’ve added a brand new ‘Jeremy Clarkson SPEED!”, which features Jeremy’s face-bending alien-like face he ended up with while driving the Ariel Atom. This is another TopGearbox original sticker design that you can’t get anywhere else.

For the reddit users among us, I have also designed a new ‘Stig Snoo’ (Reddit Alien) sticker which is a perfect way to show your allegiance to r/topgear.

Both stickers are high quality die-cut vinyl and are in-stock now in the TopGearbox Store.

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Top Gear Series 22 starts January 2015. Probably.


A recent post by Jeremy Clarkson on Twitter seems to suggest that Top Gear Series 22 won’t be airing until January next year – so unfortunately it looks like we’ll all be waiting a bit longer for it. The good news is this gives the Top Gear team tons of time to come up with (hopefully) a bunch of great new ideas for the show.

In the meantime if you’re looking for spoilers, check out our Series 22 Spoilers post – it already had a bunch of Top Gear sightings and we’ll continuously update it right up until Series 22 hits our screens.

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The Top Gear team over the years


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