Top Gear fans.. your new browser home page is ready…


Are you a Top Gear fan looking for a new home page for your PC or mobile device? Well we’ve got you covered!

Simply set as your browser’s home page and you’ll be greeted with a “Stiggle” Google search bar and a Stig quote,  randomly selected from our extensive database. Each Stig quote links back to the relevant Top Gear episode and the main menu across the top has a bunch of links giving you quick access to Top Gear information from our website.

The page was created just as bit of fun, however if you like it and have suggestions on items you’d like added to it, let us know!

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James May’s Cars of the People

A new trailer has been released for an for an up and coming TV special “James May’s Cars of the People”. Its a show where James tells the story of the how the world fell in love with motoring and will go to air in the UK on Sunday 10th August at 9pm on BBC Two and BBC Two HD.

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Vote now for our 2014 Top 100 Episode list!


For the past few years we’ve collated a yearly “Top Gear Top 10 Episodes” list to help you determine what are the absolute best Top Gear episodes! But how do we decide which episodes make the cut? Well, its rather simple really.

Every TopGearbox episode guide has its own star rating (out of 10) based on votes submitted by our readers – people just like you! So it is actually rather easy to get involved – simply rate your favourite (and more importantly your least favourite!) Top Gear episodes and you’ll be helping us to shape our new Top Gear Top 100 Episodes list for 2014! That’s right, we’re doing 100 this year!

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Looking for a new Top Gear episode to watch?


Need help deciding which Top Gear DVD you should put in your player, or which episode you should watch next on Netflix? Why not use our new Random Episode link? The button can also be found at the top of the sidebar on every page of our website and is guaranteed to throw obscure episodes at you which you may have never seen before – or not seen for a while anyway!

It’s also a great URL to save in your browser’s favorites bar for quick access to random Top Gear goodness:

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Top Gear continues filming for Series 22


Just another reminder that we’ve got all the latest information on what the Top Gear UK team have been up to and where they’ve been spotted, as they film new segments for Series 22 in various places around Europe. If you’d like to keep up to speed, click through to our **Spoiler Alert** Series 22 Sightings & Spoilers post and bookmark it in your browser! It’ll continue to be updated as new information comes to hand.

Series 22 can’t come quickly enough! What are you hoping to see in it?

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Some say its the longest Stig introduction…… in the world.

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