Wheeler Dealers Series 12

Wheeler Dealers: S12 E18 – Noble M12

Budget: £22,000
Purchase Price: £21,500
Final Cost: £24,574
Selling Price: £27,000
Profit/Loss: +£2,426

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Work Completed: Twin turbochargers reconditioned to fix engine oil leak, intercooler cleaned, electronic boost controller installed, ECU re-mapped to increase the turbos’ boost, uprated oil sump and removable crossmember installed to replace a piece of factory crossmember that Edd cut, oil filter replaced, oil catch tank replaced, broken plastic heater casing replaced with aluminium casing, non-standard gearshift gaiter and handbrake gaiter replaced with Alcantara-finished units, aftermarket steering wheel replaced with factory MOMO unit.

Notes: Purchased in Italy, but the seller’s agent advertised the car as located in London. Purchase price includes a pre-made aluminium casing for the uninstalled heater. Previous owner fitted functional custom sidepods. Restored car taken to Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire for handling and top speed test where it achieved 170 mph at the circle track.

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Tim May 19, 2016 at 12:58 am

I wonder, is this the same Noble that Richard ditched in Italy after a broken clutch in one of the TopGear supercar races??


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