Wheeler Dealers Series 11

Wheeler Dealers: S11 E7 – Amphicar

Budget: £20,000
Purchase Price: US$35,000 (£21,000)
Final Cost: £30,600
Selling Price: £35,200
Profit/Loss: +£4,600

Work Completed: Body work repaired: original paint stripped using sodablasting method to address all of the corroded areas and remove body filler from previous repairs; old fiberglass floor repair panels removed, rusted offside floor panel cutout and replaced with new metal; rusted front offside floor corner and corner bracket were cut out and new metal panels were welded in; offside rear three quarter panel and inner panel cutout and new metal panels welded in; body resprayed to original red colour. Old aftermarket bilge pump and float switch replaced with new aftermarket parts. Bilge pump outlet hole relocated from rear offside to the original hole in the rear and plastic outlet fitting replaced with chrome equivalent. To make the car legal to operate in public waters marine-spec fuel lines with protective sheath, external fuel filler and breather, modified fuel tank, fuel shutoff valve, electric kill switch, warning labels, fire extinguisher and waterproof battery case were fitted. New marine boards in the front compartment fitted to replaced non-standard carpets and wooden oars with “Amphicar” label were custom made. Transmission input shaft needle bearing replaced (not shown).

Notes: Purchased from Florida. Restored car taken to the River Thames. During the test drive, the car stalled and had to be towed back to land, it was revealed that transmission input shaft needle bearing has been shredded and was replaced by Edd off camera.

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Herman te Boekhorst March 16, 2021 at 12:58 am

Needlebaring inputshaft is often replaced by a messing one!


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