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Edd China calls for calm as Mike Brewer receives death threats

We brought you a story a few days ago about Edd China’s decision to leave our favourite car-based ‘fixer-upper’ show Wheeler Dealers – and judging by outpouring of grief in the comments section and also on social media, it seems that car fans the world over are sad to see him go. And as is the way with the internet these days, some of you are downright angry.

Edd’s secision to leave the show had a lot to do with the production company’s decision to  ‘dumb down’ the very thing which made Wheeler Dealers successful in the the first place – in-depth coverage of the fixes performed on the cars in the workshop. Not only are these pieces rather difficult to film, but they’re also time-intensive and as a result more expensive. Velocity’s decision has angered fans, with some directing their venom towards Edd’s old co-presenter Mike Brewer – in the form of death threats to him and other members of his family.

In response, Edd has released a video (above) calling for calm among Wheeler Dealers fans, saying: “Mike called me at the weekend and told me that over the past few days; not only he, but also his wife and daughter had been receiving a lot of abuse and even death threats, because of my leaving the show, and that’s really NOT cool.” Not cool indeed.

While he conceded Mike is “probably not his favourite person at right now” and that “I know for sure I am not his,” he urged fans to move on and look forward to the prospect of potentially having two great workshop-related shows to watch – Wheeler Dealers, and whatever China does next.

We’ve just had a slight disagreement on how the show should be made – nobody needs to die! – Edd China

While it is sad that Edd had to make this video at all, hopefully the abuse aimed at Brewer and his family will now die down.

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John Goulton January 26, 2021 at 8:19 am

Ed was succinct and punctilious which made him very Special, I hope He gets His own show soon.


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