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Top Gear might beat The Grand Tour with Bugatti Chiron test

While our suspicions about the 1,500hp Bugatti Chiron making an appearance in the final episode of The Grand Tour failed to eventuate, it is now thought that Top Gear might end up beating Clarkson & Co to the punch. Excuse the pun.

That’s because Chris Harris, arguably the best part of Top Gear’s current presenter linup, has been spotted driving a Bugatti Chiron in Dubai – complete with a full set of interior cameras and film crew. A Dubai local managed to snap the above photos of Harris, as he drove the W16 monster around the Dubai Marina area.

Given the British journo’s drifting junkie reputation and the opportunities offered by the Dubai location, we’re quietly confident that the film could be a winner – but will this be enough to get you, and other Top Gear fans around the world interested in the upcoming series of the show? We’ll see.

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amvj February 5, 2017 at 11:59 pm

I think there is no Top Gear vs The Grand Tour. People will continue to watch both. As long as Chris Evans is not in the show, I am okay with Top Gear.

Meanwhile, Grand Tour need to change a little bit. They need to cut short silly bits like weighing cars with dead animals, MGB (car on suv chassis), Celebrity brain crash (we now understood that TGT can able to bring celebrities)

Increase content in the news, increase the review content (do proper reviews). Now it is released on Amazon so there is no need for strict 1 hr. So increase it to accommodate proper car reviews.


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