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​Chris Harris to host exclusive online videos for Top Gear

The teaser video below might not be very long, but it should be enough to make you feel just a little bit excited that Chris Harris will soon feature in a new series of online videos, exclusively available via the Top Gear website. Harris will be presenting (and driving) some of the world’s most exciting new cars, just like he used to on YouTube – only this time with BBC branding.

“Obviously I’m thrilled to be making beautiful films like the F12tdf piece for the Top Gear television show,” says Chris, “but the longer-form, more detailed web films I’ve made with Neil Carey over the years remain my natural format, and broadcasting them through TG’s huge online audience is a dream come true.

“If you want to know even more technical details about cars, hear more in-depth analysis, I hope we’ll be the perfect destination. I want the films to be just as they were on Chris Harris on Cars. With added slow-motion slides.

“The Top Gear magazine and online team are the best out there. I can’t think of a more exciting recipe than applying myself and Neil’s skills in making engaging films for hardcore car enthusiasts, with their ability to actually be organised (never my strongest attribute) and push the content as far and wide as possible. But most of all I want to have fun. Having fun shooting cars makes much better films,” he added.

This new series of videos doesn’t have much to do with Top Gear, it seems, but it does allow Harris to do what he does best – bringing us in his words, more technical details and in-depth analysis to his videos. Either way, it seems like things are slowly heading in the right direction for Top Gear.

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