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Top Gear reminds us they’re also good at burning cars

Not to be outdone by The Grand Tour, it seems that Top Gear has also jumped on the bandwagon of burning expensive sports cars to the ground while competing in timed racing events. Presenters Chris Harris and Eddie Jordan escaped without injury after a car they were driving in Monaco burst into flames during filming for Series 25.

Chris Harris, the show’s resident hoon, was behind the wheel of a £50,000 Alpine A110 sports car (with Jordan in the passenger seat) as they raced along Monte Carlo’s SS17 stage on Monday morning when warning lights appeared on the dash and the engine cut out.

Harris stopped the car immediately, and the pair stepped out of the vehicle safely as flames began to emerge from underneath. Within four minutes the car was burnt to a crisp, and Alpine are said to be investigating the incident.

Harris and Jordan were both wearing fireproof overalls and gloves at the time, and escaped injured without suffering smoke inhalation.

Speaking about the incident, Harris said: “I first realised I needed to get out when I opened the door and the flames went up my arm. Sadly the car was lost and it always makes me sad to see a beautiful car destroyed.”

Jordan added: “Doing a stage of the Monte Carlo Rally was a dream come true for me. The car was stunning – so light on its toes. It was dancing around the mountain and Chris was driving it beautifully. It’s such a shame we didn’t finish the test, but these things happen.”

An Alpine A110 in happier, less fiery times

A spokesman for Top Gear said: “There was an incident during filming in Monaco last Monday morning with an Alpine that led to a fire taking hold of the main vehicle – which Alpine is now investigating.

“Thankfully Chris Harris and passenger Eddie Jordan, both exited the stationary vehicle unhurt.”

Expect to see Top Gear Series 25 around March 2018 – or just after The Grand Tour Series 2 wraps up

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Nicolas Molli February 4, 2018 at 7:11 pm

It hurts! Alpine has just been reborn and now a car goes up in smoke. I am sad because, being French and fan of sports cars, I was looking forward to the new Alpine, a sign of revival of the French sports car

Sean McKellar February 5, 2018 at 12:26 pm

Well it isn’t the first sports car in history to catch fire, so I imagine they’ll be just fine. It certainly didn’t hurt the Ferrari 458’s reputation too badly!


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