Top Gear

The RC Toybota is back for the ultimate challenge!

Sean McKellar
Some of you might recall a story we reported on last week about a man who built a scaled down remote-controlled version of Jeremy Clarkson’s Toybota from Top Gear. In true Top Gear form, Aaron Bidochka from RCSparks Studio put...

WARNING: Jeremy Clarkson’s old Ford GT is up for sale

Sean McKellar
Up for auction next month is a pristine, barely used version of Ford’s legendary Ferrari-killing supercar – the Ford GT. And we’re not talking about the newly released 6-cylinder ecoboost version either. No, this is one of the second-gen, full-fat...

James May reveals his opinion about new Top Gear

Sean McKellar
A lot of people have taken the easy option and criticised new Top Gear, following the departure of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James may, promising that it’ll ‘always be shit’ and that they’re never going to watch it again,...