Top Gear

Top Gear: Series 25 Episode 2 Preview

Sean McKellar
In Britain, a “weekend away in the country” generally means a welly-clad tramp across a muddy field, a poke around an antiques shop, maybe even a teacake or two. In America, however, they take the whole “weekend away in the...

Top Gear Series 25 Teaser: The Milk Run

Sean McKellar
The BBC have released a new teaser video for Top Gear Series 25, which features Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid going on a milk run in Top Gear style. Clearly, oging on a milk run is a dangerous...

Jeremy Clarkson’s love affair with old Lancias

Sean McKellar
Back in the 1970’s, buying a Lancia was no more extraordinary than enjoying a nice cup of tea – in Britain alone over 40,000 people did it every year. But by the 1990’s sales of Lancia vehicles had tanked, and...