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Fans say Matt LeBlanc has saved Top Gear – again

Top Gear fans around the internet have once again awarded Matt LeBlanc the honour of having “saved the show” once again for Series 24, after he was credited as being the only redeeming feature of the much maligned Series 23.

Some viewers have also declared that Top Gear is “back on form” as the current series came to an end on Sunday, with Chris Harris driving the Porsche 718 Cayman S, Matt LeBlanc road testing the Avtoros Shaman in the Island of Man, and all three going for a cruise on their new SsangYacht.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “Thank you for saving topgear Mr @Matt-LeBlanc. This series never got stuck in 2nd gear.”

“Thank you very much for salvaging TopGear @Matt-LeBlanc It’s better than ever and it feels like you have always been there,” said another.

One viewer said Top Gear was “awesome again”, while another said: “Congrats @BBC a return to form for topgear enjoyed this series.”

The previous run, Series 23, was mauled on social media by just about everyone, with much of the hate being directed at Chris Evans’ shouty and hyperactive presenting style, causing some viewers to question whether Top Gear had many miles left in the tank. But it seems that all the show needed was the removal of Evans and more screen time for LeBlanc – although lets not take anything away from the solid co-hosts that are Chris Harris and Rory Reid.

Viewers are hoping the trio remain in pole position for the next series.

One said on Twitter: “@Matt-LeBlanc you’ve cracked it lads, great show, great series, come back soon.”

“Congrats – best #TopGear series in a very long time. Hopefully you’re all back next year,” said another.

One pleaded: “Okay – when are we getting the next season??? Keep these three together please, loved every episode of this season!!”

But although there was plenty of good will for LeBlanc, Harris and Reid, presenter Eddie Jordan came in for some stick from viewers who suggested he was the weak link.

“Apart from Eddie Jordan I am liking the team on #TopGear,” said one viewer on Twitter.

Another urged: “Stop using Eddie Jordan, he brings nothing to the party!”

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gandalf THE WHITE May 13, 2017 at 11:18 pm

Real TG is dead… deal with it, folks… sad i know, but at least im not paying for production of that…

I know, that by Sean McKellar standards everyone who is not fanatic/BBC fanboy like him – is more less just some kind of HATER ?

TG deserve better… presenters are WOODEN , jokes scripted, show mostly boring…
Thank Lord clown Evans is OUT of course, but still:
Harris got charisma of dirty rag,
Sabine is annoying like Merkel,
Eddie Jordan should be in mental care hospital,
Reid is OK, but not funny at all…
LeBlanc ? He is tick as average american and his forced YANKEE STYLE smile is really awful…

Well… Good luck in the future…

Yuki Hanamura May 25, 2017 at 12:48 pm

Still much better than the tiring jokes you love at that Amazon Prime show.


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