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Mindy Hammond speaks about the death of ‘Top Gear Dog’

Despite only having a minor appearance on Top Gear, and for only a single series, Top Gear fans around the world were shocked and saddened last week when they heard the news that Richard Hammond’s dog, TG (or “Top Gear Dog’) had died at age 11.

Today, Richard’s wife Mindy Hammond has spoken about her love of TG, and how the Hammond household will never be the same again. She said: “This is a gap that can never be filled; a woolly bear whose hugs can never be replaced. Our darling TG is with us no more.”

“I have owned many dogs and loved them all but none have I ever loved like TG.” – Mindy Hammond

She added: “After Richard had his accident TG was with him when he was recovering, always desperate to lie next to his bed, her tail wagging incessantly and often waking him while he was trying to sleep. “She couldn’t help herself – her joy at being reunited had to be demonstrated.”

TG was introduced as a new addition to Top Gear back in Series 8, in an effort to keep the show fresh and exciting. During the series, she accompanied Clarkson, Hammond and May as they went on a caravan holiday, where she famously vomited in the boot of their car.

Despite being on Top Gear, it was later discovered that she absolutely hated cars – and James May possibly – as she threw up on him the first time they met. Unfortunately, it was this hatred of cars which meant that she was retired from the show during Series 9, and lived out the rest of her years on the Hammond estate in Herefordshire.

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the guy with no name January 15, 2017 at 10:33 pm

Lol, maybe they should have called her ‘Greenpeace’ if she hated cars so much 😛


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