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Matt LeBlanc ‘takes time off Top Gear after nearly running over cameraman’

Matt LeBlanc reportedly took time off filming Top Gear after he nearly drove a Porsche over a cameraman.

LeBlanc was allegedly testing a Porsche sports car during a break in shooting in South Africa, and was unaware that a Top Gear crew member was lying down beside it, filming a shot of it at ground-level. It is claimed he only stopped when another cameraman started waving and shouting, noticing the potential accident that was about to happen.

Top Gear’s insider told The Mirror: “The crew member was completely oblivious Matt was about to speed off too, but a tracking cameraman, who was sat in the distance, could see what was about to happen and started waving and screaming at Matt to stop. Matt was a bit confused but got out of the car. When he realised he could have run the man over he was noticeably shaken up. He said he needed a bit of time out. It could have been really serious. Both of them appreciated what a lucky escape it was.”

The BBC have so far declined to comment about the incident, but if true we’re not surprised that something like this could have happened. The Top Gear team must be working at a breakneck pace in order to wrap up filming well before the revamped series goes to air in May. With just over a month to go, they’d better get a move on.

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gargie April 10, 2016 at 11:05 am

In reading this Iv just realized that Matt LeBlanc is kind of a douche bag not like asshole dbag but more in the traditional college frat boy “Im running straight pipes,no cats or rezes because it makes my car that much more badazz even tho its completely stock in every other way”.

Scooby April 5, 2016 at 6:17 pm

Matt you blithering idiot , that didn’t go well


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