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Top Gear Series 19 will begin on January 27th!

It has been a long time between drinks for Top Gear – with Series 18 finishing up seemingly an eon ago on March 11th 2012. But thanks to, we’ve found out they’ll in fact be returning very soon!

It is a well known fact to Top Gear stalkers, that the team film their shows on a Wednesday, to then air on the following Sunday. The Applause Store lists the very first filming date as Wed 23rd Jan 2013 – which means the very first episode of Series 19 will go to air on January 27th!

No further details have been released about the contents of the first episode, however we can expect to hear more when we are a week out from the air date – so stay tuned! The exact amount of episodes has not yet been determined, but based on this information we can expect at minimum of 5.

Until then, read on to see some of the places the Top Gear team have been spotted filming during the past few months.

Yes, consider this your spoiler alert…


First off, James May was spotted as the co-driver of Kris Meeke around the Hafren Sweet Lamb stage of the 2012 WRC Wales Rally GB, driving a Bentley Continental GT. It strangely didn’t look that much out of place!




Next, Jeremy was recently spotted in the streets of London,  attempting to reinvent the smallest car in the world. He ended up looking like he was wearing it.




Jeremy and Richard were spotted driving a modified Fiat Multipla, for unknown reasons. Perhaps trying to reinvent the bus? Rumour has it a street was closed off for an explosion..





Jeremy also posted on twitter referring an another USA Roadtrip: “@mrjamesmay Meanwhile, I’m up early to start work on our US road trip. You OK with the Renault Scenic?” A few photos have been published on twitter, featuring a Lexus LFA, Aston Martin Vanquish and the new Dodge Viper.




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In addition, the following information has also been heard..

Jeremy reveals on twitter that there will be an epic race. Jeremy posted the following on twitter: “OK Top Gear people. Some good news. We have decided to do another big race. It’s going to be epic.”    “Tonight, when you are asleep, a pan European Top Gear race begins. Me in a car. Hammond and May on public transport. Wish them bad luck.”

Jeremy Clarkson will review the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ.A cameraman (Iain May) has posted a picture on his Twitter feed of an award and the BRZ and 86 in the background. Jeremy also posted a picture of himself sitting in the BRZ.

James Maywas spotted in Val d’Isère during February, filming a scene with a Mini Cooper Countryman rally car on a ski jump.

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Terry Weedon January 1, 2013 at 7:15 pm

I cant wait to see Jeremy drive the new VIPER. Its been my favorite car since I was 5 years old lol And I still haven’t even gotten to sit in 1. But I love all the other reviews Mr.Clarkson has done of the Viper. I’m an american and I still say TOPGEAR UK is the best!!! Wish I didn’t have to wait till Jan.27th.

Michael Wadsley January 5, 2013 at 10:33 pm

Sorry to tell you Terry, Jezza doesn’t drive the new Viper (or SRT 10 as it is called in Europe, because a kit car firm in the UK owns the name)I’ll give you a clue which one he’s in, the people who built it won’t have spoken English!!
But I do agree with you, I cannot wait for this series to start.


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