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At least 50 audience members denied entry to Top Gear filming

Self confessed Top Gear fan Richard Viant thought he’d hit the jackpot when he scored tickets to attend the filming of the show. But that enthusiasm soon turned to disappointment, after being denied entry to the studio.

Viant, and around 50 other ticket-holders, were denied entry to the Top Gear studio in Dunsfold Park, Surrey, after being told the set was already full. Mr Viant was understandably pissed off, after taking a day off work and travelling 80 miles to attend the event, which itself is notoriously difficult to score tickets to.

“I applied for the tickets via Lost in TV, and at no point was I informed it was a first come first entry basis,” he said. “When we got there just before 1pm – when the gates were supposed to open – we were in a massive queue of cars who were being directed to an attendant. He then informed us the event was full and we would have to return for a later event.”

He continued: “The attendant then took our tickets and said we would be entered for priority tickets for another event, and then told to leave the site.”

The BBC has stated, however, that it is “standard practice” for its TV shows with an audience to over-allocate tickets, as “occasionally people fail to turn up”.

In response, a BBC Spokesman said: ” As is standard practice for BBC TV shows with an audience, tickets are over-allocated. This is because the tickets are free, so people often request more than they require and occasionally people fail to turn up. We consider very carefully how many extra tickets to issue for each show, and it is rare that we disappoint ticket holders, however we always recommend arriving in good time.”

“We always recommend arriving in good time,” the BBC added.

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Mario March 2, 2017 at 7:40 pm

BBC communists are thinking that everyone is living from taxpayers money like they do so taking a free day from a job is no big deal for them , their salary will always come at the end of the month


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