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Jeremy Clarkson rides a scooter through W. Chump and Sons’ office

Jeremy Clarkson has been caught on camera behind the handlebars of a scooter – which is something he probably hasn’t done since he rode one during the Top Gear Vietnam Special back in 2008. Long-time viewers might remember that he ended up crashing the scooter towards the end of the episode, so perhaps it is safer for all involved that he’s doing it inside this time.

After James May shows him how to start it, Clarkson begins his slow lap of the W. Chump and Sons office while correctly indicating right the entire time. While he does disappear from view briefly, luckily the endless stream of shouting and the noise of the scooter itself means we’re able to keep track of where he is.

“This is incredible,” May proclaims.”Actually, it’s a bit shit,” he adds a short time later.

“Actually, it’s a bit shit,” he adds a short time later.

Luckily, Clarkson was able to complete a single lap of the office without falling off or hitting anything, well, except for a few boxes which were laying around. We think that his extensive experience of driving a Peel P50 indoors must have helped him on this occasion.

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