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Subaru WRX STi 2.5i Manual – ‘warp drive – but not as we know it’

I’m afraid this month I have been transformed into a ‘yobbo’ because I currently have the wonderful Subaru WRX STi on review. Yes, it may look like it’s had a few additional extras fitted at your local Halfords store, but be aware – this WRX is not to be messed with in any shape or form. So, forget Star Trek – the WRX also has its very own ‘warp drive’.

Power and Efficiency:

Powered by a 2.5 litre horizontally opposed ‘flat four’ boxer engine with the added bonus of a twin-scroll turbocharger which sounds like it’s going to spin the world all on its own. Engine figures – well, straight out the box figures for the WRX are 407Nm of torque along with 300PS of Subaru power, plus a 0-62 time of around 5.0 seconds and a top speed of 159mph (roads permitting).

The WRX also gets a Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive System that is frankly staggering – and if that’s not enough, you also get a driver controlled centre differential coupled to a viscous LSD – which basically means it will grip like there’s no tomorrow.

Fuel economy, in case you’re interested, is around the 20mpg, which is quite thirsty – but I actually don’t care. Plus you don’t buy a WRX to then complain about how much it costs to fill the petrol tank.

On the road:

The WRX feels fantastic, no matter what mode you decide to ‘play’ with. If you really do feel the need to give it a good shakedown – then I suggest you head for the racetrack where it will easily keep you entertained for what can only be described as possibly the rest of time.

This WRX also stops as well as it goes – thanks to its massive Brembo brakes and 432mm ventilated front & rear discs – which delivers a powerful and progressive feel while dissipating heat for confident, fade-free braking. To be honest, after about twenty minutes I decided to pull over to re-attach some of my internals which had fallen out.

Design & Technology:

Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, the WRX comes with the normal ‘yobbo’ styling inside and out – plus the addition of flared arches, bonnet bulge and a boot spoiler that would not look out of place on the rear end of a 747. Of course, it does serve a purpose in keeping you firmly nailed to the earth at pretty much any speed you care to try – but be aware, she will ‘bite’.

As I said earlier – it has an all-wheel-drive system on hand to help keep all those grip levels to a maximum, while giving the WRX a serious amount of precise cornering abilities, no matter what the road surface is doing beneath you. Then there’s that 6-speed manual transmission, which feels nice and tight between gear changes giving you the confidence to push harder.

Inside it’s like a normal car, but with additional gauges and displays added – all pointing to its ability to do everything at ‘warp speed’. The seats are also very good at making you feel snug and safe. To be honest the WRX is a nice place to sit, thanks to Subaru getting everything just right for the driver and all who sail in her.

Some of the standard equipment includes; LED front & rear lighting, 7 airbags, aluminium pedals, stainless steel sill plates, six-way manually-adjustable driver’s seat electric windows, keyless access, push-button start, dual-zone automatic air conditioning system, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, auxiliary input jack, Six-speaker audio system, CD player, steering-wheel-mounted audio controls and that unmistakable four-cylinder ‘Boxer burble’.

To sum up:

Subaru has once again created a remarkable piece of engineering. I have to say, hats off to the WRX engineers for re-lighting my fire. I for one will be looking to buy such a beast in the very near future as long as I can find my baseball cap and trainers.

Price: £31,995 (WRX STi 2.5i Manual)

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