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Andy Wilman confirms The Grand Tour Series 3 & Game release date

Yesterday we brought you news suggesting that The Grand Tour Series 3 might be delayed until 2019 – and a new interview by the show’s executive producer Andy Wilman pretty much confirms our fears.

Speaking at Mike Cooper at the 2018 PandaConf Web Summit, Wilman revealed that The Grand Tour Series 3 and The Grand Tour Game are both scheduled to be released together in January 2019. Check out the video above to hear more details about the game and Wilman’s confirmation of the release date.

Speaking about The Grand Tour Game, Wilman provided some insight about how the team have had collaborated with Amazon Game Studios, while simultaneously working away on edits for The Grand Tour Series 3.

“Each time an episode comes out, there’ll be a video game the next day of that episode,” Wilman explained. “So if we take a year to make all our films and cut and edit them, if I have a rough cut of a film I send it to them straight away and then they get working on rendering what that’s gonna be.”

During the interview, Wilman also confirmed that The Grand Tour Game is not aiming to compete with the ultra-realistic driving experiences provided by the likes of Gran Turismo Sport or Forza Motorsport 7, and will instead provide a more arcade-like driving experience with a heavy focus on fun.

“It’s not gonna be deliberately of the level of Forza, Gran Turismo… it’s aimed at more fun,” Wilman says. “So the sort of resolution is still really good but it won’t be that kind of nerdy, super high pixilation. It’s kind of a little bit less.”

This makes complete sense when you think about it, seeing as The Grand Tour is mostly about messing about in expensive machinery anyway rather than lap times.

In Wilman’s own words, The Grand Tour Game will be released in “January, when the series is out,” confirming that we’ll see it and The Grand Tour Series 3 in the first month of the new year. As for the exact date, we’re predicting that we’ll probably see a Series 3 launch of January 18th, followed by the first release of the game the next day.

Only time will tell! But for now, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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PETER KIVIAT November 25, 2018 at 12:45 am

One almost gets the impression that Clarkson & Co. know this is their swan song for this type of show and are putting out their best efffort yet! Also, why not have it runnning at the same time the last of the Top Gears as we know it are running. This season will be the capstone of both shows as we know them! I would be suprised if this is not the best of the Grand Tour Seasons.


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