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Hybrid cars – what’s all the fuss about?

If you say you own a Hybrid car in anything louder than a whisper, most people around you will assume that you grow carrots in your wardrobe and that you save all your old newspapers so you can go down the recycling centre each Sunday morning to look as if you are singly saving the planet on your own.

This is all well and good, but stereotyping people is not the way to go. Firstly, I bet most of the people who complain about people who own a Hybrid car, have never actually driven one.

I have driven many, which I think puts me in a perfect position to give my views. Firstly, there are lots of Hybrid cars on sale. There are cars from Toyota, Nissan, Peugeot and Honda to name but a few – once you have trolled through all the spec sheets and prices for each one, you will still have no idea which one is best – let alone which one would suit your green credentials on the Sunday morning run to the recycling centre.

Well luckily for you, I have the perfect answer. Start with a car that was good before it went all ‘electric’ – and that would be?  Yes you guessed it, ‘The BMW 5 Series’.

So, what is a Hybrid car? It combines the benefits of a combustion engine and an electric motor that can be configured to obtain noticeable differences, such as improved fuel economy and increased power. When they are both working in harmony, they insure an efficient use of energy.  The other benefits of owning a Hybrid vehicle is that you get to tell all your friends that you are doing your bit to save the Polar Bears.

Hybrid technology is now at a place where is has become a viable asset in the way it is improving our lifestyles and saving the planet. BMW has always shown a commitment to this and is constantly coming up with innovative ways to insure we get the best of what is available. I recall many years ago, driving their first Electric Mini Cooper, which I have to say, was brilliant.

So, for me, you get the best of both worlds. You get the brilliance that is the BMW 5 Series as it is, with the added bonus of a Hybrid car that will actually do what it was designed to do.

And, let’s face it. The only reason most people buy a Hybrid car in the first place is because they want to go further for less. So, if you do decide to join the ‘Green Revolution’ then I would recommend you check out BMW first.

Like I said; start with a car that was good in the first place, this way, you are guaranteed a winner.

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