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Is the Top Gear vs Clarkson, Hammond and May rivalry getting out of hand?

The world is waiting for the launch of two new motoring shows in 2016: BBC’s Top Gear reboot, which returns next months, and Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May’s new motoring show on Amazon Prime, which will be available to stream later in the year. With the presenters and teams from both shows going all out and doing everything they can to make sure their show comes out on top, there’s fear that the heightened level of competition between them might be getting a little dangerous.

Perhaps the most obvious sign of this is a photo Jeremy Clarkson posted on Twitter last week, after writing that he was about to do the “most dangerous stunt” he’s ever attempted. Afterwards, Jeremy posted a photo of himself covered in soot and what looks like blood smeared across his face, pointing out that he had “survived the day”.

Jeremy has previously spoken about his time on Top Gear, saying that the BBC’s health and safety culture always kept him very safe. But we’re unsure exactly what safety measures are in place on their new Amazon motoring show – only that they have the creative freedom to do whatever they want. Richard Hammond later tweeted that the film shoot was “bloody unusual”, while adding that unlike Jeremy, his own life had not been in danger.


Things are slightly more sedate on the Top Gear team, aside from the tight production schedule which means they’re working flat-out to meet their deadlines. While being completely unintentional, Matt LeBlanc reportedly came very close to running over a member of the Top Gear film crew, after he jumped into a Porsche to go for a drive between film takes. He was completely unaware that the camera operator was lying down in front of the car to get a few low shots, and luckily another member of the crew spotted what was about to happen and came running over.

LeBlanc had to take “a few hours” out after the incident as he was feeling “noticeably shaken up”, but it just goes to show how easily accidents can happen when you’re in a bit of a rush.

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vancover bill April 12, 2016 at 5:25 am

I just took a second and third look at Jeremy’s bloody sooty looking face.
-are his eyebrows on the left singed as well as a bit of his hair?
fireworks mishap.? I have some slight experience with that…..


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