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  • Top Gear becomes “Top of the Pops” for Comic Relief 2007.

Episode Guide

Performance: Lethal Bizzle began by performing his new single, but during the performance, Clarkson dubbed him “Jizzy Tissue” and disabled the speakers, before proclaiming that “music like that killed off Top of the Pops in the first place.”

Challenge: The trio challenge boyband McFly to write and perform a song before the end of the show. The song was not allowed to include the words “love”, “baby,” or “heart”, but did have to include the words “sofa,” “Hyundai,” and “administration” (which became the overall title of the song).

The News: Jeremy doesn’t understand why all car makers don’t include iPod connectivity with their cars. He also pleads with Apple to make tangle-proof headphones. James can’t comprehend a review for the latest Coldplay album. Hammond presents the line-ups for forthcoming music festivals. Clarkson shares a quick story about his father reacting to a Billy Idol TV appearance. Phil Spector is on trial for murdering someone called Clarkson. Hammond makes a connection between Spector’s wig and Jeremy’s own hair. The trio discuss songs that can’t be played on hospital radio. The latest video from Snow Patrol using footage created by French artist Rondezvous. Genesis, The Police, and Van Halen are reforming. This prompts Clarkson to declare that Genesis is better than any current band – which in turn causes Hammond to disagree vehemently.

Performance: Travis performed their new single, “Closer.”

Feature: James presented the current top five songs in the singles chart; before he could announce the top spot, Clarkson unplugged the monitor. He went on to proclaim that, “The only thing people care about nowadays is how quick the song is over,” before presenting a rundown of the top three shortest songs in the chart at the moment.

Performance: Supergrass performed a fan favourite, with guest Adrian Edmondson on guitar. During the performance, the presenters were given the job of special effects, with Clarkson on a dry ice machine, Hammond on a wind machine, and May throwing birds onto the stage. This prompted complaints from viewers.

Performance: The show concluded with a cover of the Billy Ocean song “Red Light Spells Danger,” with Justin Hawkins as lead singer, Hammond on the bass, James on the keyboard, and Jeremy on the drums.


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