Top Gear Series 25

Top Gear: Series 25, Episode 6

  • What’s the best sporting SUV on sale today? The boys attempt to find out
  • Chris Harris takes the Alpine A110 to the Monte Carlo rally
  • Star in a Reasonably Fast Car: Jason Manford

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What’s the best sporting SUV on sale today? It’s a question Top Gear are attempting to answer in Episode 6 of Series 25.

And so it was that Matt, Chris and Rory arrived at Burghley House with an Alfa Stelvio, a Volvo XC60 and a Range Rover Velar, whereupon they were ordered to saddle up and take part in a series of equestrian-inspired challenges, including an arena show-jumping event, and a cross-country race through Burghley’s grand, really-quite-bumpy grounds.

Now, some people will tell you that modern SUVs can’t cope with being jumped several feet in the air. This is completely untrue. The jumping, no problem at all. It’s the landing at the end that causes all the problems. Cue a very thorough consumer test of the engine mountings of three expensive SUVs. And, afterwards, some rather awkward phone calls to the nice people who had lent us said SUVs.

Not many cars have a tougher task ahead of them than the new Alpine A110. Not only must it enter the sports car arena that’s ruled, nay – owned by the Porsche Cayman – but it has a great responsibility on its petite shoulders. The new Alpine must do justice to the heritage of its name, and the rally-bred sports cars of the 1960s that inspired it.

So, we can’t blame Chris for driving a little further than the Top Gear test track onto one of Alpine’s favourite stomping grounds: the Monte Carlo rally, to drive one of 2018’s most exciting new cars on the roads it was built for. You’ll want to stick around for the whole film to check out the, erm, heated verdict.

Plus, Jason Manford is the Star in our Reasonably Fast Car.

Power Laps

Alpine A110

Star in a Reasonably Fast Car

Jason Manford


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Scooby June 1, 2018 at 10:22 am

Oh no , Matt has recently sent out a tweet that he is leaving to do other things . Gutted it was just getting good .

steed April 7, 2018 at 3:35 pm

because we’re one big motor family, can you also add more car shows to entertain us through the year, like fifth gear, motor heads, RPM, paul hollywoods, top gear australia & USA, misfit garage, street outlaws, gasmonkey garage, aaron kauffmans, guy martins show, chis harris on cars, perfect roads, and any other


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