The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour may not be touring this year

With Jeremy Clarkson facing a lengthy 8 to 10 week recovery period following his bout of pneumonia, it appears that The Grand Tour might have a ‘back-up plan’ in place to ensure the filming schedule for the show remains on track.

According to The Oxford Times, The Grand Tour’s production company Chump Productions have plans in place for a ‘mobile film studio’ to be erected near Chipping Norton, on a site which will be held for up to 13 weeks. If these plans come to fruition, they will be filming there once a week over two 5 week periods – which would be enough to provide studio segments for a total of 10 episodes.

At this stage, it is unknown whether The Grand Tour will definitely film at the site, but we imagine a decision will be made depending on the health of the show’s main presenter Jeremy Clarkson, who would have been advised against flying long haul while he continues to recover from pneumonia.

Medical advice suggests a typical patient should have been clear of pneumonia treatment for two weeks prior to flying, which in this case could delay shooting until November. The fact that the location for the ‘mobile film studio’ is in close proximity to Clarkson’s Chipping Norton estate isn’t thought to be coincidental, either

During The Grand Tour’s first series, the studio tent stayed at each location for approximately 2 weeks, to allow time for the extensive setup procedure to be completed, followed by a day’s worth of filming, and finally a few extra days at the end to pack everything up again. To ensure the show could film new studio segments each week, two separate tents were used so that the next location could be prepared whilst filming at the first location was taking place.

So how would you feel about the prospect of The Grand Tour’s tent staying firmly in the United Kingdom for the entirety of Series 2?

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Mike August 29, 2017 at 3:25 am

As a Canadian, I second the motion to bring the GT to Canada!!

Danno August 24, 2017 at 12:36 am

How about Canada? Since 2001 they’ve only been here twice. Once as a jump off to the polar special, and that bit in series 22 where they rescued Hammond. Don’t sacrifice quality for convenience boys, we are expecting better for series 2!

SCOOBY252 August 20, 2017 at 8:31 pm

This was an elephant in the room that was just getting bigger and now you can’t ignore the obvious , because this time last year they already filmed in 2 or 3 tent locations . And as of now there has been none and also have not seen or heard any plans of up coming destinations. So you can’t have the grand tour just in the U.K. Cause it’s not much of a TOUR , I would much prefere to wait till all is well with the team , even if it means waiting till next year so it’s done properly . Finally I feel they do eventually need to have the tent in Aussie land &I that would be The Grand Tour


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