The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour is now available to stream worldwide

Amazon Prime has now expanded to 200 different countries and territories across the globe – just in time for The Grand Tour Episode 5 “Moroccan Roll”, which sees Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond host the show from the Netherlands.

The online shopping firm first revealed it would be expand across the globe earlier this year. But this week Amazon made the roll-out official, with Prime Video now available at an introductory price of $2.99 or €2.99 a month in a slew of new markets. That discount subscription rate is good for six months, before it reverts to the standard $5.99 or €5.99 a month plan.

The video on-demand service subscription is bundled into Amazon Prime where available. There also a free seven-day trial for those want to test the waters first. You can see the complete list of countries where Prime Video is available here.

For those keeping count, this week’s announcement means Prime Video is now available in more countries than Netflix, which launched in 130 new markets earlier this year. However both streaming services are missing China – which keeps a tight grip over its internet and Western cultural imports.

The Grand Tour remains Prime Video’s biggest draw to date. The show recently become the most-watched premiere in Amazon Prime’s history – and has also been named the most illegally-downloaded show ever. According to data from industry analyst Muso, The Grand Tour has become the most illegally downloaded show of all-time – topping previous record holder, Game of Thrones.

Torrents for the first three episodes of The Grand Tour have been downloaded at an unprecedented rate and Muso has calculated that Amazon lost £3.2 million on the first episode alone. Pirates illegally downloaded the first episode 9.7 million times, the second episode 6.4 million times, and third 4.6 million times, the data has revealed.

Amazon has exclusive rights to the show, which is being broadcast every Friday at midnight on Prime Video for the next 12 weeks.

And despite early rumours to the contrary, the motoring show will not be rebroadcast on terrestrial television channels next year, which could explain why so many have navigated to torrent sites to get their hands on the show.

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