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Richard Hammond denies his $3.7 million mansion was ‘burgled’

Richard Hammond was forced to publicly deny reports that his $3.7 million mansion was broken into this morning, after a bunch of news outlets claimed that he was the victim of a ‘James Bond-style’ break-in.

Hammond denied that a robbery took place, saying that ‘nobody broke in and nothing was stolen’.

“I would like to very much thank the press for letting me know this morning that my house has been burgled, ransacked even,” Hammond said in a video posted on Drivetribe. “Thing is, I’d never of known because nothing’s been taken and nobody has broken in.”

“What is it when a burglary when nobody breaks in and nothing is stolen. Oh yeah, it’s bullshit!” he added.

West Mercia Police had earlier confirmed they were investigating break-in reports, saying: “We received reports that a burglary may have been in progress and officers attended. An investigation is ongoing.”

Hammond’s Herefordshire mansion is thought to be ‘as secure as Fort Knox’, leaving locals stunned at reports it had been burgled. It features extensive security including ten-foot iron gates, a high-tech security system and a protective fort.

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