The Grand Tour

Richard Hammond broke Grand Tour director’s rib

It appears that it isn’t just supercars and jetcars which should be worried when in the presence of Richard Hammond. People should be careful too – after news emerged that the Hamster broke a director’s rib while play fighting.

The incident, which occurred during a Grand Tour party in Namibia, left the crew member needing hospital treatment after the booze-fuelled wrap party in 2016, The Sun reports. The show’s production company W. Chump and Sons — which Hammond owns a share of alongside Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Andy Wilman — did not cover any of the medical expenses due to the incident happening off-set.

A spokesman told the Mail on Sunday: “There was a fairly raucous wrap party after we had finished a gruelling shoot. Play fighting did indeed ensue among the crew, including Richard, and a member of the crew did indeed suffer from a broken rib.”

“It remained play fighting throughout and did not get nasty. Chump did not pay any medical expenses because the event happened post-shooting,” he added.

The Chump spokesman also confirmed that the assistant director still works on The Grand Tour and there was no “bad feeling, malice or grievance” following the incident.

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vancouver bill September 30, 2018 at 5:23 am

Indoor rugby or Aussie rules ..desperate bid for a try…

the guy with no name September 26, 2018 at 6:10 am

What on Earth kind of play fight is that? My internal conspiracy theorist smells a cover-up. LMAO


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