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Jeremy Clarkson takes to YouTube as a Belgian traffic warden

Eagle-eyed readers may remember seeing photos of Jeremy Clarkson in full traffic warden get-up, roaming the streets of London looking for victims. It now appears that this may not have been filmed for The Grand Tour, but rather a series of small YouTube sketch videos which will be released in the lead up to the show’s launch.

So far four videos, which have been posted on Clarkson’s new and official YouTube channel, sees him play a Belgian traffic warden called David Souffle – dressed in an apt uniform and sporting a comical moustache.

We wish we could say this is the first time we’ve seen Clarkson don a fake moustache, but we’ve seen it before during the police chase segment of Top Gear Series 21 Episode 1, and perhaps most famously when the boys became The Interceptors.

In the clips, Souffle approaches a German-registered Volkswagen Polo GTI that has been parked on double yellow lines. He begins to take its registration to ticket the vehicle but finds his eye caught by a nearby café and patisserie. After a few glances towards pastries in the window, Souffle abandons ticketing the VW and heads inside the café — at which point, the clips end.

Little is known about why Clarkson has decided to do the sketches, but we can safely say there’s going to be many more of them appearing in the coming days.

Richard Hammond and James May have also taken to YouTube in recent days, with May posting a 17-minute unboxing video of a Toyota Yaris GRMN, while Hammond’s effort was titled ‘Man almost killed doing Fiesta ST stunt’.

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