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Jeremy Clarkson diverts yacht to rescue tourists

News has emerged that Jeremy Clarkson diverted his yacht in order to save a group of tourists who had drifted out to sea on their lilos, and then celebrated afterwards by going to the pub. The former Top Gear presenter caught sight of the four men, two French and two German, after they were swept a mile off the coast of Majorca by ‘a very brisk wind’. Clarkson said the men started laughing after realising the identity of their unlikely hero, who put them in a rib which he towed behind his yacht.

‘They were all in their twenties and a mile out to sea. You’ll never paddle back from there,’ the 56-year-old told The Sun. After rescuing the group, Mr Clarkson immediately took to Twitter to boast of his heroics. He wrote: ‘I just saved the lives of two Germans. Now I have rescued two French people. I apologised for Brexit.’ And he jokingly suggested the episode had proved his diplomatic credentials, adding: ‘I am a better and more constructive foreign secretary than Boris Johnson.’

Clarkson, who now works for Amazon Prime presenting new series The Grand Tour, won praise for his timely intervention.

One user, Eve, tweeted: ‘I’ve heard many tales of the sea from the fishermen at my bar. Yours is true, however.’ Another, Deborah, commented: ‘Well done! Sterling effort – see you can behave like an adult when its needed!’

Clarkson has provided his usual colourful commentary of his current holiday in Majorca. He wrote on Twitter: ‘Normally, I take my summer holiday in France. But I hear James May is there. Annoying.’ And above a picture of the wake behind his boat he commented: ‘Even on holiday, I enjoy turning carbon into speed.’

It seems Clarkson is now somewhat of an expert when it comes to marine rescues, having come to the rescue of Richard Hammond (twice) and James May (once) while piloting amphibious pickup trucks.


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the guy with no name August 8, 2016 at 7:15 pm

Lol, if it were May and Hammond that needed rescuing he would have just left them there XD

Kim Versace August 11, 2016 at 12:35 pm

After deflating their lilo’s!

the guy with no name August 18, 2016 at 10:40 pm

Most likely lol


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