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Jeremy Clarkson bumps into Piers Morgan in St Tropez

Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan appear to have finally gotten over their bitter rivalry that has raged for almost 15 years, after greeting each other with a friendly smile in St Tropez today.

In a picture shared Twitter, Clarkson is seen enjoying a quiet cigarette by the harbour while Morgan goes in for a handshake. Piers wrote: “Bumped into an old mate in St Tropez last night and we didn’t even punch each other.”

This comes after the pair spent more than a decade at each other’s throats and even had a punch up at the British Press Awards in 2004, which left Clarkson with a broken finger.

In an interview with Sir Michael Parkinson, Clarkson joked that he didn’t feel good about the incident in which a ring of guests gathered around the two rivals.

“It’s the first time I’ve hit anybody ever,” Clarkson said. “What staggered me about it was the way people behaved, because I’ve never been in a fight situation before, because suddenly there was a ring around us and this enormous fat man in a tux with a big cigar said: ‘finish it, outside.’”

However, in 2015 the one time enemies appeared to have buried the hatchet over a pint in a London pub, though we were sceptical in the two years which have followed since, whether the ceasefire was going to hold. Well apparently it has – colour us suprised.

Comments on Morgan’s Instagram post were surprisingly civil. with one follower writing: “The world is a better place for having characters like these two!!”

While another added: “It’s like seeing Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in the same room!”

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the guy with no name June 1, 2017 at 9:58 pm

Before I opened this article I was expecting it to say something like “Jeremy Clarkson’s fist bumped into Pierce Morgan’s face…again in St Tropez” xD

But seriously, I don’t blame Jezza for punching him.


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