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James May has a lucky pebble with a ‘woman in it’

A lot of people I know have something in their lives which they perceive to be lucky. Whether it be a lucky t-shirt, keepsake, jewellery or charm which we like to keep with us or near us to help ward off bad luck or unfortunate events. Conversely, there are also things we we perceive to bring us bac luck – such as black cats, walking under ladders or stepping directly on footpath cracks.

So do our lucky charms really protect us from all that bad luck out there? James May seems to think so, after revealing this week that he has a ‘lucky pebble’.

While discussing the novel all-wheel-drive system on the Ferrari FF, May pondered whether Ferrari had actually fitted the system to the car at all, or whether they just wanted him to believe they had – as it seemed to be doing not much at all.

“After a while, I wondered if what Ferrari had given us was not a novel all-wheel-drive solution but a belief system,” he said. “It was there because I thought it was there.”

“My lucky pebble, which travels everywhere with me really is lucky,” he revealed. “That is, if I don’t have it with me then some of what the motorcycle racer Keith Code would call my ‘$10-worth of concentration’ would be consumed by worrying about it, leaving less for driving, climbing a ladder or running away from a bear. So the pebble’s presence is lucky because it improves my mind.”

“It’s the same with the FF’s drive system,” he suggests. “Like any sensible person, I was finding the point where I thought I was pushing my luck and then backing off a bit. That’s just as effective as four-wheel drive. So perhaps the FF customer is paying a hefty premium for a prescription for red Smarties in a convincing-looking brown bottle. Possibly.”

May later posted a photo of his ‘lucky pebble’ on social media website Drivetribe, revealing that he was currently in Africa and that the small stone was with him.

While May hasn’t yet revealed how or where he found the pebble, or how long he has been in possession of it, he suggests that it contains within its shape the image or form of a woman.

Can you see it? We’ll have to take your word for it, James.

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