The Grand Tour

Calm down, The Grand Tour has not been cancelled

The internet went crazy this week, after a bunch of hysterical journalists from the Daily Mail, The Sun, Metro and other publications proclaimed that The Grand Tour has been canceled after just three series. Luckily for you, TopGearbox is here as a small voice of calm and reason – and believe us when we say The Grand Tour has not been cancelled.

So what’s got everyone’s knickers in a knot? It essentially boils down to two things.

  1. The Grand Tour hasn’t been renewed for Series 4 – which is completely understandable when you consider talks would typically take place after Series 3, and;
  2. Jeremy Clarkson has signed on to host the UK version of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.

Join the dots in a frenzied manner and hey presto – Jeremy Clarkson’s got a new hosting gig because THE GRAND TOUR HAS BEEN AXED!!!! Throw some anecdotal evidence together and you’ve got an attention-grabbing story. Apply an appealing clickbait headline and you’ve won the internet.

If our words simply aren’t enough for you, Clarkson himself has even come out and dismissed the reports – warning his 7.2 million followers on Twitter not to “believe” the claims. Clarkson then personally mocked the Mail on Sunday’s editor, writing: “So sad to hear Geordie Gregg is about to be fired as editor of the Mail on Sunday. I always rather liked him.”

He then added: “Sorry Geordie. I may have published something which is horse shit. Annoying, isn’t it.”

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