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Andy Wilman on the The Grand Tour Series 3

The executive producer of The Grand Tour has revealed a few precious tidbits of information about the upcoming third series of the show.

Appearing at a Prime Video Presents event in London, Andy Wilman joked that travelling to somewhere like Wales will be like “going abroad” – thanks to Brexit. He also apologised on behalf of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May for their absence.

“They are in Azerbaijan and Georgia, that is what they are doing, a bit of a road trip,” Wilman said. “They are quite old, they might not make it, it’s quite a long drive.”

Wilman also revealed that 10 episodes have been filmed for the new series, and that they are preparing for the studio recordings next month.

Referring to the road trip the boys are currently on, he said: “There are three big new GT luxury Aston Martin, Bentleys and so on and they require a massive road trip, we can’t just go round Wales. No offence to Wales, although with Brexit that is going to be abroad.”

“Then if we have three or four big road trips, let’s do some retarded shit with homemade stuff so they go on a motorbike holiday going through Trumpsville with the stuff they built,” he added.

As he introduced a teaser video of the new series, Wilman also took a shot at The Grand Tour’s key audience, “There is press here so there is some dialogue [in the footage shown]. There is a higher IQ in this room than our viewers. We normally just use primary colours.”

According to reporter Laura Harding from the Press Association, the teaser clip showed “a police chase, an exploding helicopter and the trio driving their motorhomes, as well as an appearance by Mary Beard.”

After the clips finished, Wilman commented: “I love the fact that it’s ours. It was never really a strong format, that has been for all the 18 years we have been together. What do we feel like doing? It’s their lives played out on screen via cars and car adventures. Each series is like recording an album, some hits, some fillers.”

“The Grand Tour has to live up to that name and this one is chocka with passport stamps.”

It isn’t known at this stage when The Grand Tour Series 3 will kick off, but filming for the studio segments of The Grand Tour will take place between October and December 2018, suggesting a possible Series 3 release date of either November 23rd, November 30th or December 7th.

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