The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour Game coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Amazon has announced today that a video game version of their popular Amazon Prime show The Grand Tour is on the way. Created by Amazon Game Studios and available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year, The Grand Tour Game will be released in weekly instalments to coincide with the latest episodes of The Grand Tour.

Promising to ‘transport players to exotic locations’, the game will let fans drive the world’s most interesting cars, and most importantly participate in the show’s outrageous challenges. New episodes of The Grand Tour Game will be added weekly during The Grand Tour Series 3, capturing the cars, locations, and surprises from each week’s episode.

The Grand Tour Game will feature the show’s signature ‘Eboladrome’ test track, and feature seamless transitions from clips of the show to gameplay – plus hours of original voice acting from Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.

“It’s a video game featuring me, the crashy one, and the slow one. That’s all you need to know,” said Jeremy Clarkson. “If you’ve always wanted to come on the road with us, this is as close as you’ll ever get. Unless you kidnap James and steal his face.”

“If you’ve ever wanted to do my job, now you can,” added James May, “Obviously not literally, it’s just a game, so please don’t go through the drawers of my desk.”

“I live in the deep countryside, so frankly I’m impressed by anything that runs on electricity,” said Richard Hammond. “But I have to admit this game is particularly brilliant, especially the four-player splitscreen.”

As Hammond mentioned, a four-player splitscreen mode will be included in the game – allowing players to race head-to-head (to-head-to-head… four heads) and hurl their best insults at each other in-person. Cheeky power-ups will be available, such as ‘High Tea’, which spills tire-shredding cups and saucers, and ‘More Horsepowers’ which will allow you to blow past the competition.

“The Grand Tour is about powerful cars and ridiculous stunts, but it’s also about camaraderie,” said Craig Sullivan, Creative Director at Amazon Game Studios. “We’re committed to authentically capturing the spirit of the show: cars, banter with friends, and (mostly) friendly competition.”

Expect to see The Grand Tour Game alongside The Grand Tour Series 3 when it launches later this year. You can learn more about the game here.

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Tadek August 25, 2018 at 12:57 am

This is some ugly video game. It just screams “We got unity and downloaded what we can from asset store”, though car models looks nice.


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