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Evans: New Top Gear won’t be ‘edgy’

Chris Evans says he will juggle the new series of Top Gear with his other commitments by taking inspiration from James Bond, and reassured fans that the show will not be getting an “edgy” makeover.

Confirming that the BBC motoring show will return in May, Evans said it will consist mostly of pre-recorded segments which he can film well in advance.

Critics have questioned how he will be able to fit Top Gear around his Radio 2 breakfast show and the revival of TFI Friday. But Evans said he is only doing one last TFI series, and that he gets everything done by starting work at 2am.

“A lot of it is pre-filmed. There isn’t anything else in Top Gear,” he said, pointing out that predecessors Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May also relied on pre-recorded segments.

“I think the happiest man in showbiz today is Daniel Craig because he’s made his Bond film. He wrapped in March or April and he’s just at home saying, ‘It’s going to be great.’ All he’s got to do is pitch up on the 26th or 27th [the release date for Spectre] for a few interviews.

“And a lot of Top Gear is like that. Get ’em filmed, get ’em scripted. I always think about Bond no matter what I’m doing. Can you imagine having to make a bloody James Bond film? You’ve just got to get on with it.”

He added: “I honestly do think timing is in the mind. You find the time to do what you need to do. I’m busier than I’ve ever been, but I’ve never had more spare time because I’m more organised.”

This morning Evans started his day at 2am, writing a book chapter and a TFI Friday episode until 5am before heading to the BBC to host his breakfast show. After an appearance at the Radio Festival, he headed off to a Top Gear meeting.

The 49-year-old presenter said he will not be taking too many risks with Top Gear, just as he is careful to keep his Radio 2 programme aimed at a mainstream audience.

“I would love to be spikier. But I’m not flying a Spitfire, it’s an Airbus 380. I would love to be a bit more edgy. But that’s not my job at the moment,” he said.

Asked if he expected a congratulatory phone call from Clarkson if the Top Gear relaunch goes well, Evans declined to answer. “It’s a far better question than any answer could possibly be,” he said.

Evans said hosting the recent TFI Friday special was “the happiest I’ve ever been on TV” but said the forthcoming series will be the last as he is not allowed to do any more.

Source: The Telegraph

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