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Will we see the Civic Type R?

The prospect of Australia seeing the new Civic Type-R remains in doubt, despite Honda Australia remaining resolute in their desire to see the car hit our shores. Already on sale in Europe, the 231kW / 400Nm Type-R has been understandably extremely popular – and as a result has been constrained by production capacity at the UK plant that builds them, effectively putting the brakes on a wider roll-out outside of Europe.


Honda Australia desperately needs the Type-R in their line-up and they know it, with director Stephen Collins saying there’s “no question” that such a car was badly needed for the brand. But sadly, those Aussie’s who are currently hanging out for the car might be waiting a while, with supply perhaps not being available until sometime in 2017. This complicates things somewhat..

You see, there’s a new-look, new-generation Civic range due to arrive on our shores around the middle of 2016. This time, both the Civic sedan and Civic hatch models will both be sourced from Thailand to make them more affordable – the current hatch is manufactured in the UK only, which obviously affects the price which Honda Australia has to sell it to us at.


Honda Australia director Stephen Collins has gone on record saying that he was “still confident Australia will see the Type-R, it’s just a case of when,” but conceded that if they couldn’t get supply before the regular new-shape (non Type-R) hatch arrives in late 2016, it would very potentially be off the cards entirely. Would Honda want to sell an “old model” Type-R alongside the regular newer model cars?

Also complicating the matter is that the newer model Civic Type-R is due around 2018 and Honda is apparently well into development of the car. You can be assured that one will make it to Australia, but that means an even longer wait for all those Honda fans around the country.

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