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Russia’s crazy new Sherp ATV

Do you ever wish that the Tonka trucks you played with as a child could actually be driven for real? Well, the new Russian-built Sherp ATV is probably the closest you’ll ever get to doing just that.


The Sherp ATV is equipped with severely-oversized self-inflating tires which actually sit proud of the small two-seater cabin, resulting in one of the strangest looking vehicles we’ve ever seen. But there’s a good reason why the Sherp looks like this. You see, the Sherp has been designed to take whatever you can throw at it; whether its climbing obstacles as high as 700mm (27.5 inches), skipping across loose surfaces such as mud or sand, even across water.


That’s right the Sherp ATV floats and can achieve speeds of up to 6.5kph (4mph) whilst doing so. It isn’t much faster on land, with a top speed of just 45kph (28mph), but we’re pretty confident almost nothing could stop this thing. Relentless is a word which springs to mind. It has a 56L (15 gallon) fuel tank that feeds a 33kW (44.3hp) Kubota V1505 four-cylinder diesel engine.

The Sherp ATV is available in ‘Standard’ and ‘Plus’ configurations, kicking off at roughly US$47,000.

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