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Miniature V8 engine made from paper

I’ve seen some pretty awesome things made from paper, but this one takes the cake. What we have here is a tiny, working paper V8 engine that runs on compressed air – and it’s amazing.

Engineer Aliaksei Zholner built the tiny V8 simply using paper and a bit of Scotch tape on the valves to help reduce friction. There’s a crankshaft and pistons and a camshaft and valves, and to prove it is all legit the engine actually runs when compressed air is fed into the inlet, via a balloon:

He also took things one step further, by building a tiny throttle so he could vary the RPM’s.

If only all Kinder Surprise’s came with toys this good, right?

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the guy with no name January 24, 2016 at 7:25 am

This thing is amazing. I wonder how many revs it can handle before the paper/card rips itself apart.


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