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Jaguar XE R-Sport 2.0 Review

This week’s review of the XE R-Sport will be very easy to explain – but it will also be a very short review I’m afraid– This is because not only do I like how the XE R-Sport looks, but I also like how it made me feel: epic.

When I road tested the standard XE model a few months ago I was astonished by how well and controlled it felt and I remember praising Jaguar for doing such a brilliant  job on the suspension and pretty much the whole car actually.


I have now had the chance to drive the mightier XE R-Sport and I have to say that it feels even more precise and more poised than the standard model. Once again I am staggered by how controlled the R-Sport feels on the road and even if I wanted to find something wrong – I doubt that I could because actually it’s just too good.

I know I have said this before – But the Jaguar engineers really have done a fantastic job of getting everything right. The XE R-Sport is in my mind a proper driver’s car.


Inside and out:

As with all Jaguars’ the interior is beautifully made and the detailing lines and appearance is sleek but also very bold. The R-Sport is also equipped with modern and lightweight materials inside and the layout is set up really well to help the driver feel at home. There are also some very good ideas inside and it is these ideas that make the R-Sport stand out in front of all the others.

Inside the cabin you will find equipment and interior touches such as a DAB digital radio, chrome side power vents, 8” capacitive touch screen, 8-Speed automatic transmission with Jaguar Sequential Shift, Intelligent Stop/Start, Torque Vectoring by Braking (TVBB) and the R-Sport bodykit which makes the XE look even more mean by giving it a very dominating appearance out on the road.



The R-Sport is fitted with the brilliant 2.0 litre i4 Turbocharged Diesel engine that was equipped with Intelligent Stop/Start system to enhance fuel economy – This180ps version produces 430Nm of torque and can accelerate from zero-to-60 mph in just over seven seconds. Top Speed is also maxed out at 140mph. MPG – well let’s just say that I managed over 50mpg (urban) that’s quite staggering!


To sum up:

The XE R-Sport is a brilliant machine that has been built for quality and at a price that won’t see you needing to apply for a second mortgage to own one. If you are currently looking for a great car with the ability to make you feel epic – then look no further than the XE R-Sport. This truly is an excellent piece of engineering.

Price (from): £34,775

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