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Honda CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC EX Review

Since 1997 over 750,000 CR-Vs have been sold and it’s already one of the most popular compact SUV’s in the world. Those figures are not to be sniffed at either, because as I found out in my recent test, the CR-V is a brilliant machine.

Engine: The1.6 Litre i-DTEC (160PS) with 360Nm of torque is a fantastic little diesel engine. This version is one of the best I have come across so far this year and I am happy to say that because the engine feels very refined and has bags of torque available is most gears. You won’t be visiting the pumps much either as the CR-V is able to return a combined 55.4MPG.

Also – the CR-V range is very comprehensive including two 1.6 diesel variants (120PS & 160PS) and a 2.0 petrol option (155PS). Both manual and automatic gearboxes are available as well as 2WD & 4WD variants. If I was going to choose one of those it would be the 1.6 diesel with a manual gearbox.


On the road:  A good ride height is a big plus point for the CR-V as is the feel on the road. The suspension is well set up for all sorts of surfaces and around the corners it feels well planted to the road ahead. As with all Compact SUV’s it does feel top heavy – but then so does every other SUV you may care to mention.

If you do have to go off road – don’t expect the CR-V to come to a sudden halt as soon as you hit the grass either. Honda have managed to do a very good job of the (4WD) system and it is able to do more than most compact SUV’s when it comes to going on the slippy stuff.

Also, when I get a car to test, I always take a pre set route that can take me up to 200miles away from my starting point which for me is a good test of how tired or relaxed I feel after that drive. Well I have to say – because the driving position and the engine were so refined – I arrived back home as fresh as daisy.


Inside: The interior is of a good standard and its controls are well set out and all the dials are clear. Space inside is good – better than most I have come across. You would easily fit in a very large family and the mother in law along with a couple of Dogs if the need was there. Plus – everything inside the CR-V feels well put together. There is also no corner cutting when it comes to quality either – Honda really have gone the extra mile to make it feel very upmarket inside. Boot space inside is also good with a seats up capacity of (589 litres) and seats folded flat capacity of (1146 litres)

Standard equipment in the EX model range is good with equipment such as, heated front seats, full leather upholstery, 18” alloys, power tailgate, keyless access & start, panoramic glass roof, driver/passenger & side airbags along with ABS & vehicle stability assist.

The list keeps going when it comes to entertainment too – The Garmin navigation system is one of the best I have ever used, along with the brilliant Honda Connect System that includes a 7” touch screen with CD/radio/DAB with USB support and internet browsing.


To sum up: A brilliant machine – If you are looking around for one of the best compact SUV’s currently on the market – then you need look no further than the Honda CR-V. Go and join the other 750,000 or so people who have also made the right decision across the globe.

Specifications: 2016 Honda CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC EX Manual
Engine: 1.6-litre 4-cylinder turbo-diesel 160PS/360Nm
Transmission: 6-speed manual, four-wheel drive
Economy: 55.4mpg (combined) emissions g/km (133)
0-62mph: 9.6sec
Top speed: 125mph

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