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Claims Audi is working on a new mid-engined sports coupe

According to German publication AutoBild, Audi is rumoured to be working on a new mid-engined, mid-sized sports coupe that’d slot nicely into their range between the TT coupe and R8 supercar. The new car will apparently ‘almost certainly’ go into production, either as a limited-volume special or a full-time model for the Audi Sport family.

Rumours of the new sports coupe have been swirling for years now, ever since Audi revealed their ‘quattro’ concept (pictured) at the 2010 Paris motor show. According to AutoBild’s sources, Audi’s all-new high-performance coupe, codenamed PO455, is now under development in conjunction with Porsche, and will be called the R6. It is said to be based on Porsche’s next-generation Boxster, which means the Audi-sourced engine will be mid-mounted, and will most likely employ the brand’s all-wheel drive technology.

Based on the old A5 platform, the two-seat 2010 quattro concept weighed just 1300kg, was powered by a 300kW (402hp) / 480Nm (354lb-ft) 2.5L turbocharged petrol engine, which was claimed to hit 100km/h in just 3.9 seconds, but a production version could deliver even higher levels of performance. The only thing Audi will need to manage is how the new R6 fits into their range, especially if they’re also planning to introduce a V6 version of their R8 supercar.

Logically, the R6 coupe would be priced below an R8 V6, while also offering reduced performance to match. It would, however, sit above the new TT RS – which will arrive later this year with a 300kW (402hp) turbocharged 5-cylinder engine.

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