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560kW Tesla Model X revealed

The new final production-ready Tesla Model X has been revealed, with these new photos apparently taken from the company’s new car configurator system – a system which allows potential customers to select various paint and trim colours before deciding whether to place their order or not.


With the Model X, Tesla are hoping to build on the interest generated worldwide by the Model S sedan, and underneath they’re actually rather similar vehicles. The Model X is based on a similar chassis, albeit with changes to the suspension and of course the all new SUV bodywork that almost looks like a Model S which has been stretched vertically. The shared architecture means the Model X should share the Model S’s incredible drivetrain lineup, and will probably be available in dual motor guise. This means it’ll come with a 190kW front and 370kW rear electric motors, for an eye-watering combined power output of 560kW.


Better yet, because that 560kW of power is being generated by electric motors, it’s available from 0rpm, meaning the Model X will accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds. Too slow for you? You could opt for the “Ludicrous Speed Pack”, which brings the time down to just 3.2 seconds. It will also hit a top speed of 250 km/h and have a driving range of 386km, though presumably you won’t get both of these at the same time. In-line with the Model X’s SUV aspirations, it’ll also be available with an optional tow pack, capable of towing 2268kg.


The Model X’s design is very similar to the concept vehicle we saw earlier, with the futuristic up-swinging rear doors making it through to the production version. We can’t wait for the first photos to hit the internet of customers opening them against the roofs of parking garages and other assorted hard objects. Once inside, you’ll find a luxurious and technology-filled cabin that offers seating for seven.


Speaking of the interior, the configurator screenshot above shows us there will be a few different trim options available – including white, black or tan leather seats, a range of wood and carbon fibre trims and either white or black Alcantara headlinings.


Prices for the Model X will kick off around US$130,000 and we’ll probably see an official launch very soon.

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